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In the tradition of Kiwi ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation, Bourbon NZ Ltd presents their New Zealand Spirit, "Old Busman".

For 30 years, the Old Busman has strived to refine and improve the process that produces this spirit. A burning desire to produce something unique has driven a search for better and better taste, character and quality.
From simple beginnings, Bourbon NZ Ltd has grown into a boutique distillery. But it has not forgotten the early days and "Old Busman" is still double pot-stilled.
Made from the artesian water of the Horowhenua, filtered through sugar maple charcoal and matured with imported oaks, "Old Busman" is a rich-flavoured liquor with delicate aromas and full body. Savoured on its own or with ice, or enjoyed with mixers, it ensures the drinker a fun Kiwi experience with no regrets the next morning.
Currently, two varieties of "Old Busman" are available. The Gold Label is a 4 year old sweet mash aged on 2 varieties of oak, while the Black Label is a 7 years old corn whisky, aged on 5 varieties of oak to introduce differences that are obvious to the discerning palate.

Free Tastings of "Old Busman" New Zealand Spirit are available at all our outlets.
Check out our EVENTS page for current Shows and Markets near you.
Bourbon NZ Ltd has confidence in "Old Busman" New Zealand Spirit.   We hope you do, too! Cheers!

Bourbon NZ is a 'Host Responsible' Company and DOES NOT Condone the sale of liquor to or for minors
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